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Creative | Trustworthy | Diligent | Agents of Abundance

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Thomas Harvey's appreciation for wood and architecture began in childhood, building forts, digging holes, and carving. He has a strong fine arts background and began a degree in sculpture but finished in industrial design. During his education, Tom fell in love with the ability to connect wood to itself using traditional joinery and construction methods. After graduating, he started "Thomas Harvey, Furniture Maker" and built beautiful modern furniture using ancient methods (and a few machines).

In 2005, he began applying the same attitudes and methods to build high-quality residential and commercial spaces.

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Tom has a profound belief in Jesus Christ as the creator, sustainer, and redeemer of the universe and strives to live his life as an act of worship. His goal is to build beautiful furniture and timber frames for the glory of God and service to humankind. Tom’s other interests include ecological agriculture, water management, community building and service, history, and philosophy. He lives in Conifer, Colorado with his beautiful and patient wife Jenny and their four daughters.



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Jasper's woodworking journey began in high school shop class back in Kansas City where he grew up. He immediately fell in love with the process and wanted to dive deeper into what seemed to be a lost art. The woodworking teacher told him about Red Rocks Community College and their Fine Woodworking program, and off he went to Colorado in search of this knowledge of wood, tools, and design. There, he met Luke who taught him the fundamentals of hand tools, how to pick the right piece of wood for the right part, and how to stay curious because there’s always more to learn.

"From the first day on the job, I knew I was in a special place. The love and care that went into every part of the process was something I had never seen in any workplace. This was art and I couldn’t have been happier to be a part of these beautiful pieces of work. Ever since joining the Earthwood Design team four years ago, I have learned something new each day and my love for this craft continues to grow."  - Jasper

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